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RPG Claimers

Claims for the Fake

Claims for the Fake
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All Members , Moderated
How Does This Work?
There are claims communities all over Livejournal. This one is for role-playing journals. Characters being played by real people can come here and claim what they want. Claim communities, understandably, often discriminate against RPG journals, and a lot of the time only real people can claim anything. Here, it's different. Only RPG journals may claim anything here.

How Many Claims Do I Get?
Considering the limited interest that community caters to, all members are allowed three claims, each. Once claimed; it's yours - no one else's. You can trade your claims in for a new one, as well. If your journal - which happens frequently in the world of LJ-RPGs - is deleted, than you lose your claims. Come back as someone new and want them back? If they've already been re-snatched, you're out of luck.

What Can I Claim?
Anything you want: real people, songs, movies, Livejournals (real/fake), albums, comics, video games, celebrity crushes, books, concepts, characters from any media, anything you want.

Who Can Claim?
Anyone who's not real: fake celebrities, Buffy the Vampire Slayer rpers, superheroes, creations of your own design, roleplaying fanatics...

Who Cannot Claim?
Anyone who is real. If you have a RPG journal, than only RPG journals are allowed to be members. Anyone can watch (although, who'd want to?) but only RPG characters can claim. That means that while drownedmagenta plays be_in_me, she cannot join as herself; be_in_me can, only. This is, in and of itself, an RPG.

Mod Special
Run your own RPG? You get your 3 claims, plus an extra for your community.

Is This Really Dumb?
Only if you take it seriously.

Run By: deliachase

Affliates for Real People:
buffy_claims // angel_claims
tori_claims / rhps_claims / claim_an_m_song
See Also: superb_fakes; at_hogwarts; generic_rp