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Werewolves & Undead Creatures Sought

A new Victorian Supernatural RPG, based in London, 1840. Victoria is still a young Queen, only on the throne four years and the city is a dark place to live. It is not simply the pick-pockets and thieves that lurk in the dark alleys of London Town who are to be feared. There are much older, much crueller evils at work within the city.

They have lived – witches, vampires, werewolves – in every strata of society, in every class, trying to conform, presenting themselves as normal to the outside world. Aided by a decades-old council of corrupt and complacent mortals they have kept themselves safe.

But now the security and secrecy that have protected them is threatened. A monster stalks the streets, killing indiscriminately and disappearing into the foggy Victorian night. People are beginning to ask questions and it is only a matter of time before the truth is discovered. Old tensions have begun to show, tempers flare and alliances falter. To protect both their own futures and the humans of London they must catch the monster before either it strikes again or their existence becomes common knowledge.

Isiah Fernsulfer, head of the werewolf faction, power-hungry and desperate to ensure the survival of his dynasty, requires both his wife and children to be played in-game. His wife was human, turned by him as part of their wedding arrangement, and her human family are a powerful member of the Council and influential in Parliament. She is strong-willed, intelligent and not afraid to say what she thinks, ashamed to some degree by her husband's animalistic tendencies, and she is glad that only one of her three children take after him. Their second son, politically minded, wants to join the human parliament, and their daughter rebels against her father's plans to marry her off for his own gains.

These, and other characters, are currently open at hydepark_corner. Please comment below or email me for any further information.

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