Stone Collector (stone_collector) wrote in rpgclaims,
Stone Collector

GJ Slash / Alternative / Rock / Indie / Punk - you know the deal

Pic Perfect RPG ...Things aren't what they seem!

After changing our policy of wanting to be a small and rather private RPG, we are now expanding and looking for slash lovers all over the world to join us on Greatestjournal.

We are looking for musicians from the Alternative/Rock/Indie/Punk (anything related...) scene and can offer you a very friendly atmosphere as well as talented and frequent updaters.

Especially wanted are:

Jonne Aaron and his bandmates from NGT (=Negative),
Robert Smith (The Cure)
Billy Joe Armstrong

So far we only have European acts but feel free to join as any character you want to play, as long as they are musicians in the above mentionned genre.

We interact via Y!-Messenger and our own chatroom.
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